Even Our PrePress Impresses

Dual, Redundant PlateSetters so we won't miss your deadlines Our Fleet of Press Accurate Digital Proofers


Trade Only Printer

Trade Secret Web Printing’s commitment to a superior print experience starts where it all begins: PrePress. In fact, prepress has been a large part of our expertise from the very beginning. Trade Secret – Trade Web Printing Toronto-based company was one of the first printers to go CTP (Computer to Plate), utilize an all PDF workflow and accept Adobe® InDesign® files. And we are determined to be progressive, continually investing in technology and equipment to insure the reliability, speed and consistency of the files we process.

For example, Trade Secret Web Printing has dual platesetters for redundancy, so that you will never hear from us the excuse “Our platesetter broke down”. This also means we can output a mind boggling 90 57″ wide plates an hour. This has helped us to solidify our reputation locally and increased our popularity among trade web printing services for business from New York.

Colour Accuracy

Another area where we have invested heavily is the colour accuracy of our presses. Each of our presses, including our Web Press, has been finger printed and the profiles loaded into our workflow for file processing. Each file that is “ripped” is adjusted for the exact press it will run on ensuring the optimum colour gamut that each press is capable of printing. But we didn’t stop there. Our file processing system sends the colour data for each job to the press it is to be run on so that the press will have all the colour data needed to run the job accurately and consistently, with less time needed for make ready. This means less time wasted for you on Press Approvals, and prints that the first piece will match the last.


This profile we generated for our presses is used in our proofing system to adjust each proof to match the press it will run on, virtually guaranteeing that the proof you sign off on will match.
We take proofing very seriously, since we are not only proofing for colors, but also our process. That is why we pushed our workflow vendors to engineer a system that is unique to us. We never re-process the files seperately for proofing and printing. We use the same “ripped” and positioned file for our colour and folded proof as we use for outputting plates, so there is no behind the scenes shell games with the files you will approve. What you see is literally what you will get. Which is what a proof should be, isn’t it?

Supported File Formats

We can accept files in the following formats:

  • PDF:   v. 1.3 – 1.9 & X1
  • Quark:   v 5 – 9: PC & Mac
  • Indesign:   v.CS – CS 5.5: PC & Mac
  • Illustrator:   v11, v.CS – CS 5.5: PC & Mac
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint:   PC & Mac
  • Corel:   v.13 & WordPerfect
  • Freehand MX

We keep all of our software up to date to the latest versions but if you don’t see the format of the file you wish to send, contact support@tsprinting.ca or your CSR.

File Transfer

We recommend using the free FTP Client CyberDuck for Mac & PC.

Server:   ftp.tsprinting.ca
Login:   upload
Password:   files

Transfers are “blind” so you will not be able to see your files, nor will others see your files, once they are uploaded. For file transfer issues, email: support@tsprinting.ca or contact your CSR.