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Trade web printing New York - GOSS Sunday 2000


Wholesale Trade Only Printer

In 2008, Trade Secret Printing Inc. made the transition from a sheetfed only print shop into a full service Web Offset Print Shop with the purchase of a GOSS Sunday 2000 24 Page, 57″ Sheeter5 Colour Web Press. To prepare for this new addition required moving to a new 100,000 sq. ft. facility to not only make room for the web press, but also the additional Perfect Binding and Saddle Stitching machines. Since that time we have been printing for local Canadian companies and we also handle many trade web printing New York company orders.

Trade web printing New York - 24 Page Folding machine image

Web Printing, Automated

The GOSS Sunday 2000 press is a completely automated and flexible heatset offset web press that can accommodate rolls up to 57 inches in order to print 24 page signatures, as well as the more standard 32″ rolls to print 16 page signatures. Plate changes are automated for extremely fast plate changes as is the inline folding tower to change over folding configuration in minutes.

Trade Only Printer - 24 Page Console image

Heatset Web Colour Control

Trade Secret’s Web Press was also built using WebCom’s closed loop colour control which is linked to our press press department which sends down colour profiles enabling our heatset web press to get up to colour faster, making less waste. In addition the colour control system constantly monitors and automatically adjusts ink levels in order to maintain colour consistency throughout the run, and for subsequent re-orders.

Trade web Printing New York - Colour Control image

Inline Web Printing Finishing Capablities

Trade Secret Web Printing’s GOSS Sunday 2000 is equipped with several inline finishing capabilities to produce either completely finished products, or semi-finished products to be finished in our in-house bindery.

  • Inline Spine pasting/gluing
  • Inline Perforating
  • 24 Page, 16 Page Signature folding
  • 48 Page & 32 Page Digest Signature folding
  • Automated logging and stacking
  • 57″ Sheeter

Trade Only Printer - 24 Page Delivery image

Web Printing Products

Trade Secret Web Printing’s Heatset Web Press is perfect for producing medium to long run multi-signature catalogs, high quality glossy magazines and long-run flyers and brochures.

  • Catalogs
  • Magazines
  • Flyers