Bindery Finishing

Trade Only Printer

To complement our strong line of printing equipment, Trade Secret Web Wholesale Trade Printing Toronto offers the whole range of print finishing, bindery and packaging services. Our modern bindery and packaging equipment allows us to finish our high quality printed products to your exacting standards. Having all the bindery and finishing equipment in-house including our trade only printer, ensures faster turnarounds, less blame games and most importantly, lower prices.

Here is a list of our current finishing and bindery capabilities:

Perfect Binding

Trade Web Printing New York - Open Catalogue

Perfect for binding high page count magazines, catalogs, annual reports and books, our in house 27-pocket perfect binder can bind books up to 432 pages, plus cover. Trade Secret only uses PUR glue which remains malleable and therefore resists cracking while maintaining it’s grip on all different kinds of paper stock, for a longer period of time and in a larger variance of temperatures. PUR glue is a higher quality adhesive that is just as suitable for catalogs to annual reports and has superior lay-flat qualities compared to other perfect binding glues.


Trade Web Printing Canada - saddle stitching

Trade Secret has a fleet of several saddle-stitchers with well sharpened inline three-knife trimmers to accommodate a range of sizes and quantities and page counts, as well as stitching separate covers and inserts. Saddle-stitching works best for low page count magazines, catalogs, brochures and annual reports. Trade Secret (Trade Only Printer) Printing even has hand-stitching stations for odd-sized or over-sized brochures or ultra-low quantities.


Trade only printer - Trade Secret Die-Cutting Cylinder

Some things just get better with age. That’s true of our several varying sizes of Original Heidelberg Cylinders for scoring, creasing, die-cutting, perforating and even numbering.

Trade Secret Web Printing offers full digital die line creation and proofing services in addition to die CAD milling and manufacturing for your custom shaped print project.

We also have a large standing library of house dies for common projects, such as pocket folders, ask our customer service representative for a digital file of our standing die-lines, to save time and money.

Auto Die-Cutting and Stripping

Trade Web Printing Canada - Bobst Autoplaten Die-Cutter

Now we get a little more serious. As the quantities increase, so does our die-cutting equipment. Our Swiss-made Bobst Auto-platen die cutter cuts and strips up to 40-inch sheets as reliably and consistently as, well, a Swiss watch.

Box Folder Gluer / CD, DVD & Pozzoli Tray Gluing

Trade Only Printer - Heidelberg Easy Gluer Lockbottom Boxes and CD & DVD Tray Assembler

Thanks to the Heidelberg EasyGluer Folder Gluer, we can offer finishing of almost the entire spectrum of folding box and carton products: from straight-line and auto-lock bottom folding boxes to folding boxes with lids – all in one pass. In addition, the EasyGluer allows us to glue DVD/CD “Pozzoli” Trays right to the finished product.

Folding, Drilling, Trimming, Clip Sealing, Etc.

Trade Only Printer - Trade Secret Die-Cutting Cylinder

Of course, Trade Secret Web Printing compliments all of it’s bindery and finishing department with the standard print finishing services, such as multi-head and single head drilling, signature and map folding, Computer Aided Trimming, and Clip or Wafer Sealing.

  • Map Folding
  • Gate Folding
  • Signature Folding (4,8,12,16,24,32,48 Pages)
  • Single-Head Drilling
  • Multi-Head Drilling
  • Saddle-Stiched Inline Multi-Head Drilling
  • Clip / Wafer Sealing
  • Perforated Wafer Sealing

Hand Assembly and Kitting

Trade only printing - Handwork & Kitting
There are some things that are so complex or delicate that no machine can produce. Which is why we provide a dedicated and highly skilled workforce to hand assemble and kit product packaging at competitive rates.

We are constantly upgrading and expanding our finishing & bindery equipment to meet the changing needs of the our customers. For a complete list of all our bindery and finishing equipment, download it here.