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Heidelberg SM102 10 Colour Perfecting Press

The Flagship of our Sheetfed division is the Heidelberg Speedmaster 102 10 colour perfecting press. Where the speed comes from is the presses ability to print up to 5 colours on one side of the sheet, flip the sheet and continue printing the other 5 colours on the other side of the sheet, essentially printing 5 colours on both sides of the sheet of paper in one pass, at up to 13,000 impressions per hour. This press is perfect for high end, long-run catalogs that need the quality and detail that only a sheetfed press can deliver. As with all our presses, the SM102P is linked to our closed-loop colour system for more accurate and consistent colours throughout the run.

trade only printer - Heidelberg Carton Drucken 102 Six Colour Press

Heidelberg CD102 6 Colour Press

Our pressroom is anchored by our two Heidelberg CD102 6 colour presses. The “CD” stands for “CartonDruck”, which is German for Carton Printing meaning they were built to print packaging. Both presses have extra large circumference cylinders allowing for carton stock up to 40 points to easily pass through the press. The six colours can be used to print four colour process inks plus an additional two colours or six custom spot inks in one pass. Both presses are closed-loop colour monitored for more predictable, accurate and consistent colours, not just throughout the press run, but for each re-order as well.

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Heidelberg SM52 4 Colour Press

Then we have our secret weapon, the Heidelberg SM52; our small format 4 colour press which can print up to 18 point carton. The SM52 is perfect for those smaller packaging jobs that just can’t be run cost effectively anywhere else, or catalog or magazine covers, or small batches of business cards. A versatile little press.

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Aqueous Coating

All of our carton presses are equipped with inline glue-safe Aqueous coating. This miraculous capability seals the print as it comes off the press, which allows us to start finishing and assembling the package without having to wait for the ink to dry. This translates into even quicker turnaround times, and, as an added bonus, will keep the product package from ever smudging!